Friday, January 1, 2010

She did What?

My youngest daughter Megan is 6. She apparently has a strong oral fixation. This kid will put anything in her mouth. She chews her hair, used to suck her thumb, chews her shirt sleeve like she’s starving for nutrients I don't provide, and places any toy that finds itself in her hand straight into her mouth. This bugs me. Alot! A few days ago I sent my children to their room to play with the high tech gear Santa brought them. They were playing quietly when all of a sudden I hear a blood curdling scream from Megs. All three kids come running out screaming in three directions what may or may not have happened to produce such a scream. Finally I quieted them down and tried to ask Megan what happened... then I saw the blood running down her chin. I peeked in her mouth and saw a front tooth lying almost completely flat against her bottom lip. (Note: I know that baby teeth do fallout at this age but let me be clear. This tooth should be firmly attached to her gum until she is 9) Obviously she was gnawing on a small Lego and when she pulled the Lego out of her mouth her tooth got stuck and she pulled it almost completely out! My first thought was to ask her "Now how in the world did you pull your own tooth out? Didn't you feel all the pain before it actually left your gum?" But acting like the wonderful mother I pretend to be, I gently pushed the tooth pack into place praying the blood supply didn't get cut off and her tooth wouldn't die and turn colors. (Who wants a five year old with a homemade grill?) Megan being the tough tomboy in our family shook it off and resumed her Littlest Pet Shop game on her new Nintendo Ds.

Fast forward 2 hours later....

Another scream from Megan... More blood dripping down her chin to lie in a pool on the floor. (OK so I exaggerate. It's just more interesting this way.) I check and see that the same tooth is again hugging her bottom lip. After the hysterics are over she explained that while chewing on her sleeve, her tooth got caught and she pulled it out... again. This has to be explained by the genetics acquired from her father's side of the family. This lack of common sense could not possibly have come from me, super mom that I am. (Ahem)

Today the tooth is miraculously still in its place and still pearly white. It's a good thing too. It just so happens the tooth fairy is broke. Welcome to our house.

Journey into Blogland

With three children and a home in chaos its not like I needed a new project but I just couldn't resist the pull to enter the land of Blogdom. What mom wouldn't love the idea of keeping a detailed journal of all the cute, sweet, and embarrassing things that her kids come up with on a daily basis. I just figure instead of writing it all out, I'll just post it on the world wide web to share a good laugh (or cry) with whoever my find their way here. (Hi Mom)waves!

Next up... "The lego did it!"